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Vitamins + Diet

Along with a strict beauty routine I do other things to help my skin always look its best and to stay healthy. I take several vitamins and supplements that I will show you and explain why I take them. First everyone should always take a multivitamin. Even if you only take one vitamin a day make it a daily multivitamin. This ensures that all of your bases are covered.

Second I take gummy vitamin C. I know I'm such a kid, but there is a very specific reason I take the gummies, plus it does say adult gummies. My favorite sweet snack is gummies, so when I started modeling again and tried to cut out sugar I switched from a pill Vitamin C to a gummy. This helped me to also cut out fruit snacks and other sweet tooth cravings, because when I crave those I just take a gummy Vitamin C. Last, but not least, is Collagen. Collagen is my miracle vitamin, it helps my skin and hair to be shiny, glowing, and flawless. As we get older out body stops producing as much Collagen and severely decreases around 40, so the sooner you start taking it the better. Here is a list of just a few things Collagen helps with.

  • Improves Health of Skin and Hair.

  • Reduces Joint Pains and Degeneration.

  • Helps Heal Leaky Gut.

  • Boosts Metabolism, Muscle Mass and Energy Output.

  • Strengthens Nails, Hair and Teeth.

  • Improves Liver Health.

Along with vitamins I try to stay on top of consuming as many fruits and veggies as possible. This blog post wont go into details about my whole diet, just a few essentials that I always have on hand. Being on the go all the time and having an erratic schedule doesn't always make it easy to eat healthy. I try to drink a large V8 every day with lunch. This gives me at least two servings of veggies with lunch, along with whatever veggies I'm eating. I also like to have Odwalla superfood drinks on hand. These are packed with a lot of fruit and veggies. Other healthy snacks I have readily available are almonds that live on my coffee table, and I'm munching on right meow. In my bag is also usually a Luna bar, planters energy mixed nuts, mandarins, apples, carrots, pickles, and other healthy snacks. Oh and of course I ALWAYS have a water bottle on me.

One final note I'll leave you with is a list of things that I try to stay away from at all costs. Number one being High Fructose Corn Syrup. This is a mainstream sweetener and is found in way too many products. It can be found in many canned soups, juices, soda, some crackers, etc. This is a really hard thing for me to avoid because I love Ritz crackers and soda, but I do my best. A close second is aspartame, again another artificial sweetener. This is mostly found in diet soda, which I never drink, but becoming aware of food labels is a really great place to start. A few other healthy eating/ diet rules that many of you may know, and can be found on WebMd, are as follows:

1. When grocery shopping, shop the perimeters of the store. This is where meats, fruits, veggies, grains, and fish will be.

2. Don't buy anything that has ingredients that you don't recognize, can't pronounce, or has more than 5 ingredients.

3. Avoid the center isles as much as possible when it comes to food. The center isles are where junk food lives, stay clear of foods with cartoon characters and that don't spoil.

4. Eat organic, or at least stuff that is listed as 100% natural, such as 100% whole grains, or 100% real fruit juice.

I hope that you found this blog post useful, and that it help you to make small changes that can lead to big changes. Please let me know what you think, vitamins you take, healthy snacks that you love, or the next blog post that you would like to see. Stay happy and helthy!!

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